Von Neuman(n)

An opinionated but customisable tool for designing software architectures 🚀

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Standardize Your Tech Stack

Simplify tool and technology discovery for your teams. Our comprehensive component library enables developers to easily find and explore available microservices, compute servers, databases, file storage, and more.

Enforce Architectural Best Practices

Prevent headaches down the line by ensuring sound architectural decisions during the design phase. With VonNeuman, you can establish and enforce rules governing component connections, allowing you to maintain control and avoid costly rework.

Tailor-Made for Your Team

Leverage the power of customization to align our platform with your team's unique needs. Upload your own YAML file to personalize your stack, whether it's fine-tuning low-level components or integrating high-level microservices. Contact us below for further details and assistance.

Why Von Neuman(n)? Most modern computers can trace their routes back to the Von Neumann Model - an architecture designed in 1945 that describes a stored-program computer.

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